Seven Year Cycles

I'm reading a book that gives a psychological perspective on love. The Author is OSHO and he has a Freudian take on the subjects he writes. So far he makes some pretty bold and subjective statements about how parents seemingly prevent their children from the ability to love because they enable the child to build an ego...yea...pretty interesting read. One part I really liked though is this idea of the 7 year cycles of life:

The first 7 years: "the first seven years are the most important because the foundation of life is being laid." "This are clear, very clear- existence is absolutely clear- but your eyes have gathered layers upon layers of dust. And all that dust has arranged in the first seven years of your life when you were so innocent, so trusting, that whatsoever was told to you, you accepted as truth. And whatever has gone into your foundation, later on it will be very difficult for you to uncover: it has become almost part of your blood, bones, your very marrow. You will ask a thousand questions but you will never ask about the basic foundations of your belief."

7-14: "the child begins to experience the first stirring of secual energies. But this is only a kind of rehearsal. To be a parent is a difficult job, so unless you are ready to take that difficult job, don't become a parent"....I'll stop there

14-21: " These are the years of romantic play. You are more interested in beauty, in love, in poetry, in sculpture, which are all different phases of romanticism. From ages fourteen to twenty-one young people are allowed to have romantic freedom"

21-28: " is the time when they can settle. They can choose a partner. And they are capable of choosing now; through all the experience of the past two cycles of their growth. There is nobody else who can do it for you. It is something that is more like a hunch - not arithmetic, not astrology, not palmistry, not I Ching, nothing else is going to do. It is a hunch. After coming in contact with many, many, many people, suddenly something clicks that had never clicked with anybody else. And it clicks with so much certainty, and so absolutely, you cannot even doubt it. Even if you try to doubt it, you cannot, the certainty is so tremendous. With this click you settle."

28-35: " the most pleasant period of life comes from twenty-eight to thirty-five. The most joyous, the most peaceful and harmonious, because two persons start melting and merging into each other."

35-42: "a new step, a new door opens, meditation. At age forty two is the time when a person should be able to know exactly who he is"

42-49: "he goes deeper and deeper into meditation, more and more into himself, and helps the partner in the same way. The partners will become friends, something that is even higher than love. That is friendliness, a compassionate relationship to help the other to go deeper into himself or herself, to become more independent, to become more alone, just like two tall trees standing separate but still close to each other, or two pillars in a temple supporting the same roof- standing so close, but also so separate and independent and alone."

49-56: " this aloneness becomes your focus of being. Everything else in the world loses meaning. The only remaining meaningful thing is this aloneness."

56-63: "You become absolutely what you are going to become: the potential blossoms, and from sixty-three to seventy you start getting ready to drop the body. Now you know that you are not the body, you know you are not the mind either. The body was known as separate from you somewhere around the time when you were thirty-five. That the mind is separate from you was known near the time when you were forty-nine. Now, everything else drops except the witnessing self. Just pure awareness, the flame of awareness remains with you."

63-70: "seventy is the natural life span for human beings" - ok no on freak out here, seems a little outdated- "if things move in this natural course then one dies with tremendous joy, with great ecstasy, feeling immensely blessed that life has not been meaningless, that at least on has found his home"

Like I mentioned, very psychological, and a lot like Freud if you ask me. I thought it was fun though, the way he analyzes this seven year cycle and it's relation to love and awareness. It's interesting this almost 3rd person perspective of the birth and death of humans. Seems like the analysis of human life cycle is described as say a butterfly or plant. Humm... I'm hardly through the first half though...more to come on this later.

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  1. very interesting! It reminded me of being pregnant. there are several cycles..and at the end of the pregnancy, you are ready to be done. and when you give birth, there is a feeling of ecstasy.
    what an interesting read!!! i'll have to get that book!
    thanks for sharing!