The Apartment Project...

During the past week(s) Brian and I got our keys to our new apartment! YAHOO!... sorta...

The place is charming, but old, creative, but old... did I mention old? Not to mention the girls who lived the before us were, to put it nicely, slobs. Nonetheless, when we did our initial showing of the place, both Brian and I saw amazing “potential”, which we are learning is great as a home buyer but not as a home renter.

Being the creative people that we are, we decide why not, we’re motivated and young and full of energy and ideas, we could make this place so cool! So we sign the lease and eagerly await the move in day. Low and behold the day comes and as we took a closer look at our totally awesome new apartment, it was, how should I say... a shit hole. The place was filled with cob-webs, dirt, dirt, dirt, spiders, cockroaches. Not to mention the greasy stove, the holes in the floor/wall/ceiling, the paint literally falling off the walls, and mold. YES MOLD. ew. 20 bug bombs later and 5,000 nails out of the wall, we were ready for “seal, scrape” mode. Seal the house with caulk, everywhere and scrape the paint off everywhere. We’re talkin’ 3 bedroom house/apt everywhere. That’s a lot of coverage when the entire perimeter of the place needs to be sealed. wheeew. I’m so glad that’s over with and I am happy to report that I haven not seen a bug inside since

Lesson: Do not invest time/money/energy into a place that is not yours, especially when you can not take those improvements with you. Sure we thought about this before hand and we thought that surely we would find the cheapest things and surely we’d spend minimal money (Oh what an illusion excitement can bring). We’ll that was absolutely wrong and after almost $300 in supplies and lots of time, we were feeling awfully screwed. We had our landlord come over and see all the awesome improvements we had made in hopes that he would realize how much “value” we added to the place. To our pleasant surprise, he offered $100 off rent for the next 4 months!!! SCORE! Well, in the grand scheme of things, not score considering the money and work already spent...but SCORE because he could have gave us nothing, but did not.
I figure I'll dedicate the majority of this blog to fixing up a place for those of us who rent. On a minimal budget and without actually investing much in the place itself. So the adventure continues.

Here is where we really get to show off with some before and after pictures.. which we are bashfully thrilled about the things we've done in the past few weeks which are really "first-ies" for us. So we're proud as ever to introduce our pics.
Half painted black fireplace? charming.
Oooo and those closet doors, simply divine!
This is the bedroom in progress (notice no black or hideous red curtains, our first sigh of relief) :
And .. drum roll please... this is the after (don't mind the blue tape) :
We were torn when it came to paint quality, on the one hand we don't want to put money into the place, but we got this great deal from Sherwin Williams and we thought what the heck. We had a $10 off coupon and just so happens the day we went, everything was 30% off. We ended up getting two gallons of paint for under $50 one for the bedroom and one for the kitchen (more about this later).
We chose the color "Escape" for the bedroom. At first we hated it and it didn't help that Brian said "Oh it can be like an army room", not my idea of peaceful bedroom oasis. After a night of pouting (since the paint is non-returnable), we thought what the heck and went paint crazy. Now we love love love and couldn't be happier with the color. It almost seems to change colors throughout the day with the natural light, sometimes green, sometimes blue, sometimes grey. Perfect.

So what do you think? Army room? or Peaceful Oasis?
More to come on mirrors, lines, and door knobs!

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  1. This was a lesson you had to learn by experience and you're not really out anything, but effort--so you guys lucked out. And look at it this way, you got to learn to do this stuff on someone else's place--it's great practice for when you do own and fix up your first home!

    I like the green and I think once you have furniture and accent colors in there to compliment it, you'll like it even better! Good job. It's looking lovely! Can't wait to visit.