La fin de la banquette lit

Thank you Google Translator for that very fancy looking way of saying " The end of the bed bench". I've been dying to share this little addition for a while now. As most of you know Brian was off in Alaska for a while and I bought this while he was gone off of Craigslist (for $50!! woot woot) . I wanted to surprise him so that is why I had to wait. Both of us have wanted something like this for a while so I thought this would be a nice little welcome home surprise.

Here she is in all her glory.. OOooooo AHHHhhhhhhh....

I thought it was pretty lucky because it actually matches the curtains quite well. And as you can see it looks pretty different when the light changes. It's not exact, but it goes well and I'm a happy girl. 

Here is a close up of the pattern (again the color looks different) :

Yippie! Welcome home you very-useful-to-collect-our-clothes bench! We love you so much and you're the perfect little addition. Bisous. 

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  1. Very pretty, love the fabric! ... Now this is called a "Banc de lit", a banquette lit being more like a basic sofa bed. My daughter used to write her French grand ma letters using google translator, it made some very interesting correspondence! ;-)