Le Kitchen

Besides the bedroom, the kitchen was on the "must paint" list before we moved in. While I didn't mind the original color of the walls, Brian hated them. They're kind of like a 50's teal color, like the dress of a 50's diner waitress or something. As I mentioned in our bedroom paint post, we bought the paint at Sherwin-Williams at $50 for two gallons! Surprisingly we settled on a fairly similar teal color to the original color called "Lakeshore" but it gives a totally different vibe. Instead of "we're out of spinach pie" vibe, we now have "let me make you a Tiramisu and in my creative kitchen" feel. Or at least that is how we feel when we enter the room. (I have yet to make a Tiramisu, but it will be done and shared right here - virtually that is!)

I guess I'll mention how big of a change this place is from our last. Our last apartment was brand new with plush carpet, a brand new kitchen with granite counter tops and mahogany cabinets, tons TONS of space...  *sigh*...So while the kitchen is about half the size and a lot more work (cleaning, storing etc..) we do have a lot more space throughout the rest of the house which makes up for it. It's also nice to pay a little less rent and be close to downtown. So Besides the moments when I see spiders, cockroaches and I about s*** myself, and this kitchen, we're very happy with the place and hope that we can fix it up enough to stay here for a couple of years. :) Oh and we also get to practice for our real house someday.

Brian killing a cockroach.. My hero...Yes that's a curtain rod.

More before... (psst...the fridge is not back all the way, the space is not normally this small,only by a little bit)

Look at that totally awesome fruit printed liner too! Oh and can you see that "smoke alarm" hanging on the wall- to the right? It's hung by a nail, how nice. Makes me laugh.

And that counter top there, it's the same tile that's on the floor... I'm not sure how I feel about that because it's better than other tan counters behind you, but it's just the concept. weird.

Here are some after...

I took out that fruit liner, it was just way too old fashioned, and i lined it with some new white contact liner. Much better. Now if I could only reach the cabinets... At a whopping 5'2" I mostly just throw things into their place. Or use my handy dandy step stool that my dad bought me :) Always looking out for me!

Okay so I know what you're thinking. It's not that different right? But you see what I mean about the general feel of the room? a little more cozy, a little more likely there is something yummy baking in the oven, more hangout-able...and a little less I just poisoned your cookies... ok a little far, but you get the point. What do you think about the blue/turquoise? are we crazy? are you scared to eat my cookies now?

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