Look Ma' No hands!

Don't be confused, I did use my hands for this project, but I did it all by myself and consider this a nice little milestone for myself. Usually I have a partner in crime when fixing up the place but this time I rolled up my sleeves and made the move, I even used a drill! Unsupervised! Thanks to my good friend Janine, she's a DIY guru and heck, if shes not scared I won't be either!!!

I really made myself laugh during this project. Not only was it my first project alone (It was just installing a curtain rod/ curtain) , but it was also late in the afternoon and we had been working hard on the house all morning. My first mistake was drilling the holes. The curtain  rod package (which I got from Target) came with 4 rod holders that you drill into the wall and 1 extra long rod. Due to lack of thorough planning, I proudly installed the 4 holders equidistant across the window. SO PROUD! and feeling so awesome cause the whole drill thing.

After bragging to Brian, I put the two curtain panels on the rod and as  I went to put them up I realized that I couldn't put the curtain up with the 4 holders placed as they were. What I really needed to do is put one on each end and one in the middle so the curtain could slide between each holder. Before the curtain (not the rod) was sitting on top of the holder.  Ugh. Curtain: 1 Kristen: 0 

So I unscrewed and screwed again.(Ha!) and was back to the proud thing. Which leads me to my next mistake. The actual curtains. When I put them up, one was shorter than the other!!! UGH ! Curtain: 2 Kristen: 0

This is what the first curtains looked like with that awful awful paint color too, which we switched up, you can see it here .

Maroon velvet with yellow/black walls? How does anyone get rest in a room like that?

 So here you can see where it all went wrong (mind the ladder):

The curtains I used were Blackout curtains from Target. The sunrise comes right through the window above our bed. They were super affordable and while they're not the best color or material (it's kind of stiff and tarp-feeling), I figure I can always sew on a better fabric or ask my super talented mom do it. (She is currently making me some pillow cases that are SO CUTE, can't wait to share with you)

And here is what it looks like after a trip back to Target and some re-drilling *sigh* :

This place is really coming along huh? TI don't love the curtain color but they certainly work out  well and make for perfect lighting in the morning with the two side windows. I've debated putting another curtain to the left of the fireplace but I really love looking at that tree first thing when I wake up. There is another house that sits just a few yards beyond and for a while we could see right into the house. bummer. BUT then they put up the curtains instead of us. perfect. I don't even really want to know what their motive for that one was. Let's just say I've been less than cautious about the fact they can see in our place too. Oops.



  1. Very nice! Learn these lessons on the rental. Keep cool. The wall color is really soothing to me.

  2. Lots of our projects were trial and lots of error. Frustrating and difficult but proud feeling in the end. Good job