Bathroom Mirror

I really don't know who ever thought these itty-bitty mirrors for the bathroom were a good idea. Lucky for us we found a pretty large piece of mirror out by the trash! Double awesome. Giant Mirror AND free! If i could roll around in the awesomeness of the universe for this I would. Thank you! Thank you! Am I overly excited? Free & Useful makes me just beside myself. Moving on...

Here is the mirror before: Ew. Ew. Ew. Can you even see in that little space? Difficult, I know.

 First, I unscrewed the old one:

Then I went to the hardware store and found small metal clips that would hold the mirror against the wall. Normally I would have added extra support at the bottom but we have the convenience of using that white ledge for support. So the clips were really just used to hold it against the wall.

Sweet! I really wanted it to be a little more to the left but for the assurance of "studs" we needed to put it in this position. Oh well. Safety first!

We also added that metal rack to the right of the sink to give a little more counter space. We got it at Target and it's actually shelving for a garage. The bathroom cabinets and storage units were so much more expensive and this would serve our needs perfectly, so we went with the cost savings!

I thought about framing the mirror, but once again I'm torn with the fact that we are renting. Maybe in our next place!


  1. I think your new mirror looks great as is (without framing). It goes with everything else nicely and it's much more functional than that little one.

    I'm so glad you commented on my blog, Kristen, because now I can add you to my Dashboard and follow your posts.

    BTW: your new pooch Scout is very cute! We hope to get a puppy too.

  2. I like the mirror, but I really like the color of the wall. Neutral colors are so hard for us to pick! Good job!