Hooray! We finally got a puppy! Ever since we moved to NC I've really wanted a friend dog. So on the anniversary of our 1 year in Raleigh, we picked up the cutest little muffin at the SPCA. We spend 6+ hours playing and filling out paperwork, so were definitely ready to bring the little one home. He didn't have a name for  first 4 or so days and I think we've settled on Hudson. Although I wouldn't be surprised if we change his name, it's not really sticking. We'll see :)

***We've changed his name to Scout, hopefully it sticks this time!***

First Bath!

So there is the newest addition to the family and we're loving every most minutes of it!!! We'll keep you updated on his new name :)


  1. I love the name Scout. He is such a cutie boy and his girlfriend, Abbey, can't wait to meet him!

  2. He will be a great companion. I love the pic on the blanket.