Hurricane Irene, the Artist!

As I'm sure you all know this past weekend we had Ms. Irene on our coast which left us inside most of the weekend. One of my favorite experiments is to see how nature and art work together, thus the post and cool pictures! Hurricane Art, Hurricane Irene the Artist, however you want to put it, this was a fun project that I will definitely be doing on our next rainy day!

First I taped down a piece of watercolor paper to cardboard and/or any flat, durable substance. I put globs and random lines of watercolor paint on the paper.

First I tried to tape it to this cabinet that we have on our porch which didn't go over so well because it had already been raining and was quite wet. So I nailed the cardboard to the cabinet. One of the many pleasures of having a nice sturdy piece of junk around :)

 The artist at work. The cabinet was also on a slight slant which helped bring the color down. I love how the purple moved! If you can use a slightly slanted surface I would recommend it.

Here is a before and after. I think this one turned out the best.

Here are a few others that I did. My cousin suggested also using iridescent paint on top which would look really cool. Or you could use a simple black to paint something on top. Just a few suggestions but you could do anything with these, or leave them just as they beautifully are!

( The one on the top right was left out all day. The one on the top left was left out for maybe a half hour or so.) I would suggest doing several and taking them in to dry at various times to see what you like best. When you look outside and you fall in love with it, that's when you know it's time to let it dry!

Have fun, be creative and free with this one, you've got nothing to lose!

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  1. Ya know, that's kind of cool. Framed, it'd make a kind of neat collage. Perhaps for your bedroom? Might the splashes of colors look good against that green wall? Just a thought.

  2. Cool!!
    A renowned artist friend of mine always paints on black canvas, so I tried it and yes the colors come out a lot more vibrant!!!

  3. Very awesome idea! Way to make a rainy, yucky day into something beautiful!