Painting a tub?

Confession - I painted the tub. Something about that makes me feel like I did something bad. Sorta like this kid, but on a scale from 1-10 what I did was like a 3 and this kid.. um a 10. A 10 for sure. But we probably used the same paint color. :)

The tub in our bathroom is one of my most favorite things about the house. It comes in at a close tie with the sun room <3. As you may notice I tend to focus on one room at a time and do all the little fixer-up things before moving on to the next room. Bedroom: check. And we move on to the bathroom.

Here is the tub before. Its really one of those things that you fantasize about having in your house some day and  it really gives the place that unique charm we were really looking for. Except this guy has that grungy look that is not so pleasant. Solution = paint.

RUST CITY!!! But behind that wear and tear is a beautiful foot! (I never thought I would say that) But a beautiful foot it is indeed! I know you will all agree :)

And after an awkward tape job...


So after a coat of primer and a coat of white paint, waalah! SO much better, don't you think? All that rust below the pipes is no longer there and that is the best part. Or maybe the feet is the best part. Oh heavens, I can't decide. It's all wonderful.

Pedicure time. Ha! 

No More Rust!

Much better! Makes my soul smile every time I see it. Moral of the story, even though it may seem wacky or a weird way to do something, you might as well try! I never thought that paint and tub would ever make sense, but it did and it's amazing! Have you ever done anything uncommon around the house? or used something odd for a solution?


  1. So much cleaner and newer looking. It will make you feel cleaner when you take a bath too.

  2. Beautiful! ... Hope you used enamel paint ;-) ...voilĂ !

  3. I'm coming over to take a bath now! Can you also please add a petite table next to it for my wine glass, a candle and a spot to put my book?