Mustache & Lips = Love

Sunday we celebrated Janine's bridal shower. Naturally, I wanted to make something homemade with the bride and groom in mind. Craig (groom) is into the whole mustache thing, so with a little inspiration from here and here I painted/drew my own mugs. I wanted to use one of those "paint pottery" places but realized I didn't have the time to get it painted and fired before the party. To my pleasant surprise I found about about Pebeo porcelain paint pens. You can find these at any major art store (i.e. Hobby Lobby) I read online to use the Porcelaine 150's because they are more opaque. The white one is a fine tip, the black are normal sized.

You can draw on your already fired and glazed mug ( I got mine from Target) and simply put it in the oven at 300 degrees for 35 minutes and wahla! The product says it's dishwasher safe, but to be on the safe side, I'd recommend hand washing.

The Pebeo pens were interesting to use. Can you see in the mustache how it kind of looks a bit textured? With just one layer of paint the color isn't as rich, so I wanted to do a second. Because I did the second layer before firing the first, the first layer seemed to scratch off a bit as I painted on top. Thus peeling off some of layer 1 and giving it that chunky look. Also, this stuff dries very quick, I ran into this "scratching" issue even on the first layer. I'm not sure how to completely avoid this issue but as I layered I tried to use light and heavy strokes. It worked okay.

One of the "accents" in Janines wedding is a fun Ampersand. You can see her incorporation here. Luckily I found the same font online and duplicated the design on one of the mugs. Not perfect, but it will serve it's purpose.

Here is the entire lineup.

To match the occasion I added little hearts on the handle.

For the gift setting I bought a few kitchen towels from her registry, made some tissue paper flowers, handmade card, and stuck them in a reusable basket.

I made a few others that you can see here. Have any of you ever used Pebeo pens? Did you have the same "scratching" issue I had?


  1. These are adorable!! Little Susie!

  2. I have used those pens and yes they do scratch the paint off!

    Your mugs are cute!

  3. Love Love Love it! Just found your site... I am planning my annual Winter Potluck/gift exchange with a Jane Austen/High tea theme... and hoped to give each guest a tea cup with their name and you have just helped solve my problem... when I finaly am able to buy the paints and the 24 cups I will be back to share the results... TY, TY, TY

  4. What font is the ampersand? Love it!