Versatile Wall Planter

I knew as soon I saw these planters on Pinterest I wanted to make them. We have a wonderful sun room in our house that makes a perfect home for plants.

To alleviate the anxious scrolling to the end of the page, here is what I made:

You could use this idea in many different spaces. In an office to hold pens, markers etc.. In a bathroom to hold toothbrush, q-tips and cotton balls, makeup brushes, hair ties. In the Kitchen to hold silverware, cooking utensils and spices. In the garage to hold tools, tape and nails. Imagine the possibilities...

Now for some instruction.

Choose your piece of wood. Decorate the wood as you like, I thought about doing black stripes or even just a nice wood stain. The metallic silver that we also used on our bedroom mirror won because I had it on hand.

Evenly place your clamps on the board and simply screw the to the board. Easy right? No. I tried to nail, screw, clip, bend, and break these clamps. It's virtually impossible. (If you have a drill, that may work. I would suggest using a screw to secure clamps if you can)  So this is where I get creative and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Even though it may not be the most structurally sound. Anyone have ideas here, please please please share!

I put 3 nails on either side of the clamp so the nail head would hold the clamp in place. To be on the safe side you may even want to use some heavy duty glue before nailing it on.

To secure mine even further I put a piece of magnet on top and nailed it in place. (This makes me laugh as I write it, something like a piece of wood or metal would work best here)

I planted a few plants in mason jars with some rocks at the bottom to provide some drainage, and tightened the clamps around them. The piece looks really good in the sun room and gives it a nice earthly feel.

I was anxious to get this project completed and after it's all said and done it's holding up quite nicely.

Have you made anything similar? Can you think of any other places this could be used?



  1. Very cool! You're so clever, Kristen!

  2. Love it Kristen. It's so you. I love the plant idea in them. I'm glad you have time to be creative. Mom

  3. When I made these I got a flat head screwdriver and twisted it in between the slits. Also i used smaller screws so they would fit easier in the small space.

    1. thats also what i did.

  4. That is a great idea! Could use them in the bathroom for toothbrush holders, combs, makeup brushes, lips gloss sticks, etc.

  5. I've seen these around on so many blogs but none had a tutorial as good as yours! I really want to do an indoor herb garden, but my cats keep eating all the ones I start. So I think I'm going to try it in one of these - hoping they don't find a way to climb up the wall to get to it :)

  6. Awesome Idea! You could even paint or decorate the clamps to add to the look!

  7. Try using a 16 penny nail and a hammer to put a hole in between the slits on the clamp. Then screw it to the board. These are neat. I'm gonna adapt it into a large wall hanging for storing craft items, etc.

  8. This is awesome, thank you! Making some of these this weekend!

  9. Im thinking about staining the piece of wood,using large baby food jars with ribbon tied around the top and tea light candles in the jars

  10. Very clever & cute. I'm going to make one.

  11. I made a pallet fence around my vegetable garden and tried last night to do this on my fence. Could not for the life of me, figure out how to screw it to the piece of wood like every other blog simply states. I am going to try a few of the ideas posted in the comments. I was also thinking maybe using metal screws instead of wood screws might work. I will let you know how it goes

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