Simple Dog Halloween Costume

It is my most favorite time of year. Oh fall, how I love you. To start the season off right I made our Scout a Halloween costume. Scout the Stegosaurus!


  • Green Shirt (I got mine from Old Navy kids section - it was originally long sleeved)
  • Foam sheets from craft store. I used two different colors
  • Needle & thread

First you'll want to cut out the diamond shapes from the foam sheet. The middle spike was the largest so for the smaller ones on each side I traced the ones I already had cut out. I also used a double layer for each spike. So you'll want to cut enough so that each spike has two matching layers. This double layer will be important when attaching the spikes to the shirt. 

Sew the matching layers together using a simple back and forth stitch. 

Line the foam spikes along the back of the shirt and cut a slit in the shirt for the smallest end of the spike. I lined them all up on the shirt so I knew where there would be placed and drew a line where I needed to make all my cuts. 

Then slip the foam spike into the slit. Sew each flap to opposite sides of the inside of the shirt. This is a side view of what it should look like. The green is the shirt, the black are the spikes. You can see the two flaps are split on the inner side of the shirt. The red spots indicate where you need to sew. 

Continue the previous steps for all the spikes you want to include. It will end up looking a little something like this. 

Now just wrassle your pup and dress him/her up! 

This whole project cost me under $10 and about an hour to make. So worth it when I see how happy he is to have it on :) He'll certainly be the life of the party come Halloween night. 


  1. bahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahaha scoutasaurus

  2. Scout looks quite a bit happier to be a dinosaur than Levi did when we dressed him up as Santa.

  3. Hi there, Scout is a mix. While I'm not positive I think he's a cute combination of Australian Shepherd, Chow, and German Shepherd? He only weighs 35 lbs though, so there is probably a smaller mix in there somewhere too!

  4. Hi Kristen,
    My jaw about hit the floor when i seen this picture, Scott looks almost identical to my pup Vinny! I must send you a picture : )

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