DIY Ornament Christmas Wreath

I've always loved this style of wreath but they're also pretty pricey. So it's time to make my own. I picked up most of my supplies at the dollar store, the entire project ended up costing less than $15.

Things you will need: Styrofoam circle cutout (I used smaller than normal) , plenty of ball ornaments (you will be surprised how many you actually need - a ton!), hot glue gun, spool of wired ribbon, bells and small silver balls (or any other mini ball shaped things)

I couldn't find super mini ornaments so I bought the string of beads you see on the far right and cut them off the string. It's important to have something smaller to fill the spaces between the large ornaments. The bells are also great because they make a nice jingle when the door opens.

First start by attaching a lengthy ribbon to the Styrofoam donut. This will be where your wreath will hang.

Start by lining the inside and outside with ornaments. I took the hook piece off the top of the ornament and placed them hole side up, so this will be the back of the wreath.

Flip it over when it dries and start piling the rest of the ornaments on, leaving the smaller pieces for last. When you're satisfied and the larger spaces are filled, make a pretty bow with the ribbon and hang on the front door! It would also be fun to put a little mistletoe in there somewhere..  if you're into that kind of thing.

I love it so much, and it really was a fun project! And I think the mini size works perfectly, especially since we have a mini tree too. Hum... where else can I hang one? Any excuse to make another!

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  1. super cute! this turned out so adorable even if it is up before thanksgiving. luv ya!

  2. Very nice!! I'm pinterested!! Love it!

  3. I just made a ton of these and for $40, I've made 6 wreaths. My fingertips have been sacrificed to hot glue dryness.

    Tis the season.


    If you have a moment, please share this at my Creative Juice Party. Hope to see you there!

  4. I am so making this. I have all the supplies! I have one I made similar a few years ago, I like you directions to flip it over first, makes it so much easier. Thanks for sharing! Visiting from Addicted to Decorating. -K