Painting Pottery

One of my favorite crafty places are the paint your own pottery stores. All the white pottery laying around evokes the mad urge to paint every last piece in the store! I've been on the hunt for dog bowls for Scout and couldn't find any that I really loved at a reasonable price. The solution - make my own! I chose two "ice cream" bowls to use as Scouts food bowls. They had pet specific bowls but at around the double the price. Meh, a bowl is a bowl.

I had some idea for what I wanted before I went. The best advice I can give for painting pottery is arriving with some sort of plan, the last thing you want is painters block while your sitting in a kid-screaming-filled room. Just sayin'.

From looking around at other dog bowls and patterns, I knew I wanted a black and white herringbone design on the outside. I also love black and white with a hint of red somewhere.

Here is how they turned out:


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