DIY: Tin Can Treats

There's really something fun about opening a can with a tab-and-pull lid. This year for stocking stuffers I made some filled with my favorite treats.

I chose the cheapest possible thing with this type of lid, and it happened to be things like canned peaches, mixed fruit and pears. Most of the innards I threw out but Scout ended up loving them so it didn't all go to waste.

You need to get yourself one of those can openers that cut from the side and not the top so you can glue the bottom back on. I got this one at Ikea. Open all the cans on the bottom and remove the label. Eat or dispose of the innards and run the containers and lids through the dishwasher.

Fill the containers with your favorite treat. make sure they're small enough to come out the pop-top side. I used things like wrapped Pepermint Andes mints, mini Peanut Butter Cups, chocolate covered pomegranate seeds etc..

When the tins are all filled up, fit the bottom on and attach with a hot glue gun. They won't be perfect, but you can cover up with paper later.

When everything is done, decorate with holiday paper, ribbons, and labels


  1. This is perfect. I will definitely be doing this for office gifts. :)