Decorative Branches

I visited one of my best friends while she was down in Costa Rica this past summer. Like most tourists, I like to bring home something that is unique to the country and specifically something that is handmade. This trip I bought a vase that is made from Mango wood. The circumference of the vase was also that of the tree, so the widest part of the vase has the bark from the tree. It's beautiful. Unfortunately it does not hold real flowers, since the water would probably ruin it. I've seen fake branches for sale in the stores but usually they're so expensive, it's hard justifying. So a nice walk in the park later, I collected a bunch of branches for my vase. One of the branches I wrapped in thread and added some beads. The others I decorated with sparkle paint and some I painted bronze. It turned out great, and free!

My mind runs wild with ideas for all these branches and I think I'll continually add to this bunch. I envision more colors, more sparkles, more beads!! Maybe even some paper or cloth flowers.

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