Watercolor and Lessons Learned

I am one of those artistic people that is interested in ALL kinds of mediums. This is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand I admire those who fall in love one medium, practice it all their lives, and become experts. On the other, there is so much to learn and so many different things to try! How could I resist? I tend to stick with a certain medium anywhere from a week to a couple months and lately it's been watercolor.

Mainly I love watercolor because there are so many ways to manipulate the paint. The range of tints, shades and tones is endless. It's also very forgiving, just a little water and you can tone most things down.

Enough about love. Here are a few lessons learned along the way, and while my ignorance may be obvious, sharing is caring. 

I laugh now because what I started out was is this:

It's not that I didn't know the paint would dry out, what I figured is that with a little bit of water, the color would essentially be the same right? Well, no. When the paint is super dried out like here in the picture, the composition changes to grainy and chunky on paper.

Next, I purchased a travel kit. Since watercolors are pretty pricey, I wanted to start with something small, and not a big investment considering my tendency to switch interests. I figured it would be great to take on the go, and also practical at home if watercolor was going to become just a occasional thing. Best part is, I got this kit majorly discounted because it was missing one of the paint buckets. I love using this little guy and it's really fun to paint wherever you go!

Finally! I went all the way. I bought a set of 24 SOHO watercolors which are great when you're just starting out because the quality and pigment of this paint is high in comparison to the price. I also got this sealing watercolor case to prevent them from drying up like above.

I just started using them, and so far they're fantastic! The colors are vibrant and smooth, and really there's a lot of paint! I used about half a tube to fill up each well.** Please Note**: although sealed and closed with a rubber lining, these do not stay wet forever. They will dry, but they are in perfectly good shape, if not better when they are dry. I prefer them dry because when they are wet, I end up wasting a lot of paint and it's harder to get a 'wash' or just use a little bit of color. This method is just like making your own watercolor paint set, except better because you pick the colors, the quality and the paint!

Not my typical post, at least the photos are colorful :)


  1. I recently bought this same palette and I find the paints are drying. It was suppose to keep them moist. I don't know what I did wrong. It has a rubber around the case, but that does not help. Ann Gorgone a.gorgone@yahoo.com

    1. Hi Ann,
      Naturally, there will be some drying involved, paint is paint right? Unless it was being stored in an air-tight container of some kind, drying is natural. You know the pre-made paint sets with the solid paints? Think of this like that, but you're making your own palette. I was bummed at first when they started drying out too, now they are all dry, but if you can get past the "appearance" of them not being wet and moist, they're perfect! They moisten easily and with little effort. Enjoy painting!