28 Days of Drawing From Real Life

Cafe Helios (Raleigh, NC)

I'm super excited to start a new mini project tomorrow. I will call it 28 Days of Drawing From Real Life, and I will love it.

I will be posting once a day something that I have drawn from the world around me. It might be an entire scene, it may just be a coffee cup or my dog, but I promise you it will be from a live setting and it will be made by yours truly. :)

The purpose of this project is a couple things. First, to take the time to commit to a daily practice that I love so much, but often find excuses. I want to give myself at least a half hour to just sit, observe the world around me, and capture the moment not for truth but for ambiance, feeling, and emotion. Second, to develop the skill of drawing from real life. Capturing a moment that is in constant motion is not especially easy. It is a  process that requires flexibility and the openness to change. Drawing from a live setting reminds me how change is such a constant in many aspects of our lives and embracing, adjusting, and loving it can make the world of difference in our experiences.

I hope you'll join me on this journey as I share 28 days of my world, ink, and practice. If there is something in particular you love and want to see, drop me a line, I'm always up for a scavenger hunt.

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