31 Days of Color + Theme: Day 24

"Here are a few of the many adorable babies I've stumbled across throughout my life. Oddly, my own kitty isn't even here! The kittens you see are foster kitties from the humane society, the dogs are family/friend's pets, and the goats were a nice surprise at a bed and breakfast my mom and I stayed in. They were the sweetest! I hope these adorable furry friends will brighten your day!" - Zoe Burton

A sweet little guest post from the lovely Zoe Burton. Love her take on our furry little (best) friends. They really do show us an entirely new way to love and see the world, and for this we are eternally grateful.

Check out her website. She offers modern, clean, rustic inspiration that sometimes leaves you wanting to redecorate your entire house, in an entirely effortless way.
Lovely site,  zoeburtondesign.com

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