Bring Your Best Friend (paper) Flowers

I was inspired to make paper flowers and had the perfect excuse to finally put them together. First, when I was down in Coast Rica, I bought this beautiful wooden vase that I filled with decorated sticks (see post). It really needed some "livening" up, and I saw a really great tutorial here about the type of flowers I wanted to make. We also just purchased a console for our stereo and books. On one end there is a larger space that needed something with some height, so I made a different kind of flower. Here is a tutorial for paper flowers, two ways.

First, gather your basic supplies. There are other things that you will use, but this varies depending on what type of flower you want to make. You can gather what those things are from the images.

  • Wire wrapped in paper
  • Floral tape
  • Wire Cutters

The Paper Wire is only so high, so if you want a taller flower, you can attach two wires with duct tape. 

First I'll show you the tall flower stem with mini tissue paper flowers. I love these because their petite and little bursts of color.  The more you make, the more fabulous they look. 

Step 1: Cover the entire Paper Wire with Floral Tape. If you want the stem longer, cut and attach two wire pieces together with duct tape. 
Step 2: Fold and cut the tissue paper in 1- 1.5 inch sections. I used an accordion style fold and then bunched and twisted while attaching. 
Step 3: Use the floral tape to attach the tissue paper bunches. I did some that were almost overlapping and some that were further apart. The tape can come unravelled easily, so be sure to use longer pieces and wrap further down the stem than you would think. 

I plan to make even more of these for a more full bouquet, but here is what I have for now. I love them, so cheery, so bright, so happy. 

The next flower is much different, but equally as beautiful in a more simple, subtle, elegant way. 

You'll start with the same basic supplies as the last flower. Here you'll use some heavier cotton paper. I found some at Michaels that had some other natural particles in it that I really liked. 

Step 1: Rip your paper into "leafs" about 3 inches long, by 2 inches wide. 

Step 2: Paint your leafs with watercolor. I used a combination of red, orange, and rust. I also brushed the edges with a deep purple and blue. You'll want to paint them darker on the narrow part of the leaf so when you put it together it gives the flower some depth. 

Step 3: After the leafs are fully dry, create the center of the flower with either tissue paper, or other type of paper. 
Step 4: Cut a 1" slit in the narrow part of the leaf.
Step 5: Wrap the leaf around the branch and use Floral Tape to attach the leaf. 

Continue to layer the leafs until you have a nice round and natural looking shape.

The second flower is a bit harder to make, but I love the fullness of them. They're each perfect in their own space, I can't decide which one I like better. The best part is they'll stay in bloom forever. 



  1. Wonderful amount of detail. Thank you sincerely for sharing this.

  2. thanks, i will try this w/ my homemade paper

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