Banana "Ice Cream" Recipe

What a great idea to freeze bananas and make mock "ice cream" out of it. I've been seeing this all over the internet. I know there are those machines that make frozen banana ice cream in particular, I wonder how they work - sounds neat. Since I don't have one, I just used my food processor to mix up frozen bananas and some simple ingredients. It came out pretty tasty and my boyfriend actually loved it! Win! I love the guilt-free aspect of this treat, but I really want to continue to evolve this recipe to taste more rich and guilty - but still simple and healthy. Let me know if you've tried this and what you may have done different, would love to hear some alternatives.


  • 6 frozen ripe bananas
  • 1 vanilla bean 
  • chopped chocolate - about 1 cup
  • chopped raw almonds - about 1 cup

Just throw everything in a food processor or even blender really - it's that easy! I like it when it's first made especially if the bananas are already very frozen. 



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  2. The recipes I have seen for this sort of ice cream have peanut butter in them, here's an example:

    I'm not a fan of bananas or peanut butter so I don't plan on trying it, but I've heard it has a nice creamy texture :)