A Current Project Peek: Homemade Stamp

I'm working on a wedding invitation suite for a very special couple of friends of mine which has been an incredibly fun process so far. One of my favorite parts of building out invitations is handmade details. For this suite, we're doing a "touch of the 20's" through a shimmery gold geometric pattern. In my search for the perfect stamp pattern, I landed on a design of my own. Here's how! 


(Right) http://www.remodelista.com/posts/diy-a-hand-blocked-chair-to-obsess-over
(Left) http://nicolacerini.iformat.com.au/prints


  • 1 large rubber stamp pad - I used Speedball brand
  • 1 Carving tool - also Speedball
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Paper

Plan your design out on a piece of paper, this way you're not making any permanent mistakes. It's also great to use as a guide for when you're actually cutting. 

I needed a very specific size for my stamp, so I ended up cutting the larger stamp down. It's also hard to see here but I scored the rubber with the major gridlines so I knew where my segments were to carve. It ended up being very helpful to make sure my plan and actual design ended up the same.

The fun part! The substance of this stamp is really easy to carve out an a lot of fun! You can see here where I used the marker to understand exactly the size of stamp I needed. Also, I ended up using the ruler only on the major lines and then freehanded for the rest of the lines to give it that handmade unique look, personal preference!

This is the type of ink I used, I wanted a gold that was more of a shimmer than a opaque gold. Not too bold, and lots of sparkles! It's perfect for this project.

Here's how it turned out on Strawkraft paper. 

wah-la! I'm really pleased with the way these turned out, it will look great when the whole package is put together. More updates to come!  

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